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Why EZ 1040-TW?

● Flexibility!

EZ 1040-TW allows you to prepare your clients’ returns using keyboard shortcuts. No need to keep reaching for that mouse! If you prefer the mouse then handy toolbar buttons are available with right-click pop-up menus.

● Where’s That Form?

EZ 1040-TW’s QuickLink feature makes your life easy, you can quickly link to supporting forms or open them directly from the “Find a Form” screen.

● Multitasking!

During a busy tax season you may need to work on more than one return at a time. EZ 1040-TW allows you to open multiple instances of the software allowing you to multitask with ease.

● No SSN, No Problem!

Perhaps you need to start working on a return but don’t have the SSN or ITIN number yet. EZ 1040-TW will allow you to create a return without this and then add the information once you have it.

● What About Quality Control?

There are three ways to check your returns for errors with EZ 1040-TW. You can use either the Keystroke-by-keystroke, Entry-by-entry or the Entire return method. It’s almost impossible to make a mistake with this triple threat of error prevention. The comprehensive diagnostics system also warns of possible inconsistencies in tax information.

● Real-time Calculations!

Calculations are made instantly with every entry, no buttons to push, no hourglass on the screen while it calculates. The data flows smoothly from supporting forms to primary forms making your busy tax season just a little less stressful.

● Can I Convert?

Of course! EZ 1040-TW offers conversion software for most tax packages. Call today to check if your old software is supported.